Video: Product Design–Off Book–PBS

The PBS channel brings us the Off Book series, which hosts a range of contemporary educational topics. In this episode of Off Book, three aspects of product design, build quality and engineering fundamentals, humanism and sustainability, and speculation on the future of the product experience, are explored.



TriplePundit is a media company that promotes ethical, sustainable & profitable businesses. They have over 350,000 monthly readers consisting of business executives, MBA students, consultants, and designers. TriplePundit’s philosophy is based on the “triple bottom line – People, Planet & Profit.  The TBL argues that economy, environment and society are inseparably related and an understanding of all three is critical to long term profitability.”

IDSA’s Smart Design= Sustainable Design

IDSA’s Smart Design= Sustainable Design

The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) is the top professional association for industrial designers. (note: AIGA, which is stated in a previous post is for all sections of design; IDSA is strictly for Industrial Design.) Even being a student in college and not a practicing professional ,my professors have urged the students to become familiar with IDSA membership to enhance and further our careers. The link I provided is a PDF of research IDSA members conducted to make their goal of effective sustainable design. They did research on how to understand a product’s life cycle, and how to make the life longer (therefore less impact on the environment). This is a credible source, although, the technical vocabulary makes it aimed towards a specialized audience. 

AIGA Design Archives

AIGA Design Archives

AIGA is one of the most premiere professional design associations a designer can be a member. Their website alone, is something that every industrial designer should be aware of. However, for this webliography, I would like to focus on their design archives. These archives showcase over 20,000 products that have been in the AIGA competitions, spanning from 1924 to the present. AIGA notes that it’s archives are “one of the richest online resources available to those who practice, study and appreciate great design. It represents the quality of work being created, as well as shifting aesthetics and sensibilities of the designers of the day.”

Humblefacture is a great website dedicated to sustainable manufacturing. They want to change the current manufacturing system to a system that promotes economic, environmental, and social stability. For them “small-scale, localized, clever manufacturing” would be the answer. They note that this plan would minimize costs, and “local production gives the customer a bigger voice to dictate what they need and want out of products.”  This site comes from a trustworthy author, Dominic Muren. He is a writer for and, which I have also been put into this webliography as credible sources in prior posts.


TreeHugger is a reliable source that prides itself on being “the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.” In addition to keeping up-to-date with the newest trends and modern aesthetic, TreeHugger only promotes products that are natural and sustainable. They also feature green news, blog, product information, and solutions to unsustainable products.