frog is a global product strategy and design firm. They “work with businesses to drive innovation, identify opportunities, and design meaningful products and experiences that grow brands and delight customers.” I trust this source because they have been around for over 45 years, they are stationed in multiple cities throughout the world, and they showcase an extensive portfolio. To me, their business plan is the best way to run an industrial design business. They not only offer the product design, they also offer marketing, and branding specialists encompassing several design disciplines. 


Dexigner database

Dexigner is a “comprehensive database of hand-picked design firms, studios, museums, organizations and resources.” They have connections in all aspects of art, but for this webliography, I provide the link straight to the Industrial Design database. However, feel free to explore other categories such as Sustainable Design, 3D Design, and Furniture Design, which are all aspects of Industrial Designs as well. I would use the Dexigner database for help with job searches and networking.