Dexigner database

Dexigner is a “comprehensive database of hand-picked design firms, studios, museums, organizations and resources.” They have connections in all aspects of art, but for this webliography, I provide the link straight to the Industrial Design database. However, feel free to explore other categories such as Sustainable Design, 3D Design, and Furniture Design, which are all aspects of Industrial Designs as well. I would use the Dexigner database for help with job searches and networking.


Video: Product Design–Off Book–PBS

The PBS channel brings us the Off Book series, which hosts a range of contemporary educational topics. In this episode of Off Book, three aspects of product design, build quality and engineering fundamentals, humanism and sustainability, and speculation on the future of the product experience, are explored.

Product Design Hub & Forum

ProductDesignHub is an “online community place, where industrial designers from all over the world come together to socialize and to create, share and find useful resources.”  ProductDesignForums, which is the online discussion board associated with this company. “The mission of Product Design Hub is to maintain a friendly and inspirational social environment, where a wide range of inspirational resources are shared.” Visit my two favorite articles on this page Is Contemporary Industrial Design a Form of Art or Engineering? and Steps to Consider when Designing a New Product.

AIGA Design Archives

AIGA Design Archives

AIGA is one of the most premiere professional design associations a designer can be a member. Their website alone, is something that every industrial designer should be aware of. However, for this webliography, I would like to focus on their design archives. These archives showcase over 20,000 products that have been in the AIGA competitions, spanning from 1924 to the present. AIGA notes that it’s archives are “one of the richest online resources available to those who practice, study and appreciate great design. It represents the quality of work being created, as well as shifting aesthetics and sensibilities of the designers of the day.”

What does an industrial designer’s sketchbook look like?

What does an industrial designer's sketchbook look like?

This picture accurately shows part of the design process for making new products. I found this photo on a product designer’s, Kevin Yip, portfolio webpage. Although there is much more to the design and manufacturing process, he is illustrating the human factor and ergonomics of his anticipated product, The Sherpa, “a hiking device designed to take the weight off the users back, and onto the ground.”

O*NET OnLine

O*Net is a website dedicated to career profiles, similar to the OOH site I posted previously. This site differentiates from the OOH because it lists reported job titles, a detailed list of tasks you may encounter in this field, and personality gauge. O*Net offers a summary report, a detailed report, as well as, a report you can customize to your strengths/weaknesses, and specializations in the field. You can also search their site for job openings. I added this page because it is a great source for making sure this field matches your personality and identifies Industrial Design as a ‘green’ field. See if you are compatible with this career by clicking here.

Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)

“The Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) provides information on what workers do; working conditions; education, training, and other qualifications; pay; job outlook; similar occupations; and sources of additional information, for 341 occupational profiles”. I used this source in my job search to compare the Industrial Designer profile to the profiles of related jobs. This is a trusted source because it is published by the United States Department of Labor-Bureau of Labor Statistics. Click here to explore the career.