ImageHave you ever used a product and thought of ways you could have made it more effective if you had been the designer? Reinventing and redesigning is what goes on in my mind on a daily basis. 

I have always been two things: creative and eco-logical. The college major I’ve chosen is Industrial Design–creating new or changing products’ design for maximum aesthetics and usability. Industrial Designers have many career paths they could choose, such as, electronic, furniture, or automobile design.  However, whether the product is a cell phone, power tool, or furniture set, my focus will be to ensure that it is ergonomic and attractive.

While this major is great for my creative side, it is also important, to me, to know that the products I am using and making are efficient and eco-friendly. I refuse to produce a piece of junk that is hard to use and made out of materials that will end up in a landfill for thousands of years. I believe that designers are the creators of the future, and we have a duty to the world around us and future generations to create sustainable products. 

This webliography will present links from around the Web on how product designers present sketches and models to their clients, as visions of what their product should look like, but are also faced with the ergonomic and sustainability aspects of the product.

–Tyenne Fulton-Crosson  



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