Podcast- Product Design Show


Engineering.com presents a weekly, 3 minute podcast on iTunes, called The Product Design Show. The episode “Chair Ergonomics Presents a Design Challenge” caught my attention because it is a perfect example of ergonomics and the study of human factors, even with an object as simple as a chair. The podcast demonstrates “smart engineering” by making adjustments to the design of a chair to accommodate a common user issue– slouching.


What does an industrial designer’s sketchbook look like?

What does an industrial designer's sketchbook look like?

This picture accurately shows part of the design process for making new products. I found this photo on a product designer’s, Kevin Yip, portfolio webpage. Although there is much more to the design and manufacturing process, he is illustrating the human factor and ergonomics of his anticipated product, The Sherpa, “a hiking device designed to take the weight off the users back, and onto the ground.”


Humblefacture.com is a great website dedicated to sustainable manufacturing. They want to change the current manufacturing system to a system that promotes economic, environmental, and social stability. For them “small-scale, localized, clever manufacturing” would be the answer. They note that this plan would minimize costs, and “local production gives the customer a bigger voice to dictate what they need and want out of products.”  This site comes from a trustworthy author, Dominic Muren. He is a writer for TreeHugger.com and IDFuel.com, which I have also been put into this webliography as credible sources in prior posts.

Blog- Design Sojourn

Design Sojourn is a “leading web authority on design strategy, design research, design management, good industrial design and design thinking.” Design Sojourn is also a multidisciplinary design consultancy that focuses on designs and client services. This blog not only markets their company, it also has multiple design categories that encourage new products and gives advice to other industrial designers. Though I believe this site to be credible, the only issue I have is that since it is based in Singapore, some of the English translations are awkwardly placed.

Blog- Core77

In my opinion, Core77.com is the most comprehensive design blog. The website’s audience ranges from industrial design students through experienced professionals. “Core77 publishes articles, discussion forums, an extensive event calendar, hosts portfolios, job listings, and a database of design firms, schools, vendors and services.” I would recommend anyone interested in a design major to check out Core77 because of its reliability (supported by Bloomsburg Newsweek) and its extensive network.


TreeHugger is a reliable source that prides itself on being “the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.” In addition to keeping up-to-date with the newest trends and modern aesthetic, TreeHugger only promotes products that are natural and sustainable. They also feature green news, blog, product information, and solutions to unsustainable products.

O*NET OnLine

O*Net is a website dedicated to career profiles, similar to the OOH site I posted previously. This site differentiates from the OOH because it lists reported job titles, a detailed list of tasks you may encounter in this field, and personality gauge. O*Net offers a summary report, a detailed report, as well as, a report you can customize to your strengths/weaknesses, and specializations in the field. You can also search their site for job openings. I added this page because it is a great source for making sure this field matches your personality and identifies Industrial Design as a ‘green’ field. See if you are compatible with this career by clicking here.